The Course

Yes, every topic has been covered from basic to JEE Advanced level. You can use it for the preparation of JEE Main, NEET and even for Physics Olympiads.

Every chapter has 2 sections.

Theory : Explains every concept through 2-D and 3-D animations which helps you understand and visualize the concept very easily. Every concept is followed by a few basic solved problems which helps you in learning the application of concepts. This section is sufficient for preparation of Board Exams as well.

Solved Problems Section : Covers 60 – 70 intermediate to advanced level problems suited for JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and Physics Olympiads, which covers as many types of problems as possible for those topics. Even the advanced problems are solved using animations so that the student can learn to solve problems mentally.

Yes and No. It is similar to other video lectures since it is also in video format. However, the approach to the learning is very different.

First, Visual Physics is not just another video lecture; it’s the next-gen of video course for next-gen students; who aren’t only interested in learning the tricks of scoring more but more inclined towards having a total grasp of the topics and in-depth understanding of the concepts

Secondly, the currently available video lectures are simply recorded version of coaching classroom; while Visual Physics is fully animated video lectures; combining the top institutes level teaching methodology with world-class visualisation.

Third, Visual Physics provides you with online question bank of selected problems for ample practice and online doubt support, which are much needed tools to make you prepare for JEE Main & Advanced and NEET.

The methodology of Visual Physics is lucid; means it covers the concepts with practical flow in an efficient manner. It starts the discussion of the topics from fundamentals and enhance its way slowly to JEE advanced level; with appropriate visualisation and examples.

The total duration of complete available course is 110 hours.

Visual Physics I :60 Hours - Covers Mechanics, Properties of Matter, SHM, Waves & Thermodynamics (19 Chapters)

Visual Physics II :65 Hours - Covers Electrostatics, Electricity & Magnetism, Reflection & Refraction (15 Chapters)

This is due to fundamental difference between Animated and Recorded video lectures. Since most of the other video lecture courses for IIT JEE are in classroom recorded format; they tend to be larger in size and duration as the teacher in the classroom needs full 30-40 min session to discuss one topic. However, the same can be done in less time and with better explanation with the animations.

Also, with Visual Physics, you don’t have to spend 30-40 minute of your time for a single topic as in other video lectures. Just watch the 10-15 minute video and you will be better at the topic than ever before.

We assure you that Visual Physics covers all the topics in details with clear and concise explanation in spite of shorter duration.

We have created these videos especially for the preparation of JEE Main and Advanced; and the main focus is on providing you with crystal-clear understanding of concepts. Once you grasp the concept completely, solving JEE Advanced problems becomes easier.

Yes; Visual Physics is designed to clear your doubts of JEE/NEET Physics on your own; so that you won't have to waste time with 2-3 reference books and numerous study material.

And we provide interactive doubt sessions with IITians and Physics expert, in case you get any doubt from any book/question bank.

Yes; Visual Physics covers everything; concepts from basics level till jee advanced level. You will find all the formulas, equations and their derivation in the videos itself; so that you won't have to refer to any other study material after getting Visual Physics.

The real difference you will only find after using Visual Physics for quite sometime; like our other students. We suggest you to try a complete chapter (Theory + Solved Problems), and then try questions from books like HCV and DCP. You will be able to solve more than 95% questions by yourself.

You can watch the videos as many times as you wish till your subscription period lasts.

Sure. You can check-out the demo videos here. You can also check-out more than 100 topics for free at Visual Physics apps for free.

About 90% of the previous 38 years JEE and NEET physics questions are included. We have also enhanced the questions to cover a lot more cases about the same topic.

No, we don't provide any detailed pdf/notes along with Visual Physics videos. We suggest you to create your own notes while studying with Visual Physics.

However we can added hand-written short notes for revision purpose which you will find at the end of every chapter in Resources topic.

There is a team of IITian who have collective experience of over 25 years in coaching and mentoring students for JEE, NEET and other entrance exams.

The team conducts the research to find the most appropriate ways of teaching concepts and appropriate visualisation; and a team of animators make the theories live.

Definitely Yes. You can master the whole concept, enhance your level of understanding, clear your doubts and learn to apply concepts into problems with Visual Physics.

Visual Physics will prove as a perfect course for self-learning. You will be able to master JEE and NEET Physics concepts on your own, without any external help. And if you get any doubts, we are there to clear them and make you ready for JEE and NEET.

Yes, Visual Physics is for everyone. Coaching institutes are surely is a good way for JEE and NEET Preparation; however they are not all inclusive. Most of the time, you will have doubts about the concepts being taught in the classroom and will find it tough to solve problems on your own.
Visual Physics comes to your rescue then, you can grasp the concepts fully by watching the relevant videos and can learn at your own pace and time. Once you learn the concepts with Visual Physics, tackling hard JEE and NEET level questions becomes easy.

Yes. Since Visual Physics covers the concepts from very basic level; and foundation courses deals with only basic knowledge of the concepts; you will find Visual Physics useful.

Currently, we do not have any specific course for 10th. However, you can Visual Physics in current format; as we have discussed all the topics from their very basic; so you will be able to grasp the most of it.

Yes. Visual Physics is intended to clear your concepts in a lucid way; and it covers from basic to advanced level concept.

The level needed for medical entrance exams fall in between; and Visual Physics will surely be beneficial for you.

Sure. This is the most prized section of our work. You can check them here.


Visual Physics works on activation and videos will be accessible for the period you have purchased the subscription. Once it expires; the product will get locked and will ask for another activation key.

For DVD/Download version, Product is activated from the day you apply the activation key (serial number), and not from the day you purchase. You can apply the activation key anytime you want.

For example, say we provide you a "3 months" activation key today. But you use the key after 1 month. Then your product will be activated for 3 months from the day you used the key.

For Pendrive version, the product will again be activated for the time period you have bought subscription for. Since you receive pre-activated product; we take care of the time taken to reach you by adding extra 15 days of subscription.

There is absolutely no difference between the 3 month and 1 year product. You will get all the videos of the course; it will just be activated for different duration based on your subscription period.

There is absolutely no difference in content of different subscription periods; there is only difference in the duration of validity.

Different subscription period provides felxibility to students, who are free to choose the time duration according to your convenience and preferences. You can always ask us for custom period subscription. Please contact us for the same.


You can find these details in Chapters Included >> section just above the subscription plans section on Pricing page. For details of videos in each chapter, please visit our Chapters menu.

You can check the complete list of topics and questions covered in Visual Physics in our Chapters menu.

We are still working on these chapters; and we will inform you once these chapters are released.

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No, Cash on Delivery is not available as the course is available online only.

Yes, the online payment process is fully secure.

You fill the details of your credit card/Debit Card/Net Banking on our payment partner website which have very strong security systems in place. Since you don't provide any card details on our website; there is no chance of security lapses.

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Yes, you can download the course with the help of download button inside the app and then access the videos offline.

However, text based questions aren't available offline as there is no mechanism to download the page and access the offline.

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The desktop version of Visual Physics needs a windows system to operate, so it won't run on mobile devices with OTG cable.

No, Visual Physics Pendrive can not be operated on Televisions by any means.

No, Visual Physics can not be operated with Virtual Machine partitions on either Windows or Mac.


Of Course. Please contact us via WhatsApp on +91 9999021287 or via mail at to seek guidance with our JEE/NEET experts.

Currently, we do not have any similar courses for Chemistry and Maths. However, we will be working on theses subjects in near future and we will inform you; once we release the courses for these subjects.

We currently do not have any offline branches to purchase the product directly. Best way is to place an order online at our website.

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