Started in April 2011, ( Nlytn Learning Systems Pvt Ltd ) was formulated to emphasize on the human mind’s power of visualization, and then utilize this to greatly ease a student’s preparations for the various entrance exams.

Our Team

Our core team constitutes of a group of young and passionate Engineers (all IITians), who want to bring forth a new regime in education. Together, they have more than 15 years of experience in product development and services. They are the architects of Visual Physics 1. They have played a key role in writing, developing, editing and validating the proper illustrations for each and every concept in the course. They form the strong and pivotal foundations of our company.

A group of talented, enthusiastic and hard working animators form the key building blocks of our development team. From good designing skill sets to forming seamless animations in 2-D and 3-D platforms, our development team is extremely creative and proficient.

And most important is the synergy between the exceptional vision of our core team and unparalleled talent and effort of our animators which has made possible the most advanced course for competitive exams – ever!


We believe that intelligence cannot be taught to anyone; rather it is inbuilt in everyone but probably in just a different way. It is the expertise of the teacher to bring forth a concept with student’s perspective. There are a lot of aspects of our life which has been simplified because of technology. We intend to pursue the same in the field of education and make the process of learning a pleasure for the student as well the teacher.

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