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    Understand what you have missed in class and books.

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    Basic yet hard-hitting questions to test if you have got it right.

    Clear your misconceptions and fill those conceptual gaps which you realise very late.

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    Learn where to apply which concept, one step at a time with 4500+ structured practice problems with increasing difficulty level.

    First, learn to solve simple questions of various types, then use that into solving mixed and complex questions.

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  • Ask All Your Doubts

    You will be able to solve 95% of questions from any book or coaching module, once you complete the chapter with visual physics.

    For the Rest, we can help via Support Chat, and we will explain what you missed.

Your understanding will never be complete without visualisation.

And once you visualise a concept, you will never forget it!

Visual Physics is not just about videos, it's much more.

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What Our Students

When I first checked out the NLYTN videos, my first perception was that these will have some basic animations and concepts of CBSE 12th level as others. But I was surprisingly wrong, as I started watching more and more of NLYTN sample videos and found that they have really dealt the concepts of JEE advanced level and that too in a very interesting and efficient way like some thermodynamics and pure rolling motion. Thanks to Nlytn that I completed physics much before advanced exam and making me confident enough for JEE ADVANCED.

IIT JEE/NEET 2020 physics

Shashank Mishra

JEE Adv 2016, AIR - 4024, IIT Kgp

A must buy material for all those who want to learn the concepts rather than just learning the formulas in physics. Explains all the concepts in a lucid manner, contains enough numericals to make anyone grasp the concepts from the basics. Kudos to the team of Visual Physics.

Manoj Kumar Biswal

JEE Adv 2016, AIR - 6977

This is best course to learn Physics. I used the course for 2 years, as my regular coaching was not helpful for physics. I was able to score 99.58 and 99.37 percentile in NEET and AIIMS respectively due to this awesome course only.

iit jee video lecture

Shyam Chaitnya

AIIMS '19 - 1934, NEET '19 - 4165

This app is really helpful and different. I mean they teach things(that may be simple yet intuitive) that are written in no textbook which only an intelligent teacher can tell you.The points which we can easily misunderstand are clearly put emphasis on.If a person feel disinterested about a topic they can watch from here(it captures my curiosity so much) and after watching they will surely love that topic. The videos teach the way it is taught in good JEE coachings.

Mady Goyal

App User

To all students preparing for JEE and physics enthusiasts, if you want to learn physics through powerful visualisation, you should definitely try visual physics. They have designed the lectures and problems really magnificently. The pricing is very less. I really urge people to try it. I have really learnt a lot from this. Go for it without any doubts.

Adityam Rai

App User

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Everybody can understand the basic concepts and can learn to solve the normal questions, but
that doesn’t make the difference in exams like JEE and NEET.

What does make a difference
is to be able to understand tougher topics and make sense of concepts in hybrid questions of different topics.

This is where Visual Physics will make a difference in your Learning and Rank.

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