How to use the course?

Visual Physics is designed to given you in-depth and complete understanding of concepts with powerful visualization, step-by-step explanation, structured flow and solved problems.

Go through the topics in the order they are given.
The course is designed to take you step-by-step from basic to the most advanced level.

Make notes of important points.
Handwritten notes are the best for quick revision from time to time.

Try the questions before checking the solution.
Even if you are able to solve a question correctly, do watch the given solution.
Because we discuss the common mistakes, points of confusion, alternate solutions, tips and techniques for faster problem solving and other important points in our solutions.

Study only 1 - 2 topics a day when learning new concepts.
Complete entire chapter when doing revision.

After completing a chapter, you will have an in-depth and thorough understanding of concepts and will be able to solve 99% questions of your respective exams.
If you have doubt or a problem you are not able to solve, please use our online doubt support.

We have scheduled Live Classes, which will provide you the necessary guidance and weekly targets to stay regular in your studies.